13 Sept to 19 Sept 2024 – A mountain bike stage ride through the heart of South Africa

Ride the beloved country

Experience the best of South Africa; the people, the places and the rural beauty. The Old Mutual go2berg is a 6 and half day* mountain bike stage ride through the heart of South Africa. It is a true escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You will experience something that is truly uplifting for both the rider and the communities that we pass through. It is a challenging ride. You need to be fit and prepared to enjoy and get the most out of the journey.

For some, who love to push themselves, it is a race and for most, it is a ride. While everyone gets a time, our aim is to ensure you have a great time.

For more information on the route, what to expect, and other questions email craig@go2berg.co.za.

*The half day is for our short “warm-up” prologue stage to calibrate bike, body and mind. 

Ride 2024

It’s time to get organised!

Riding through the heart of South Africa, over 6.5 days takes meticulous planning. We have your back covered. We are also here to help, so please reach out at any time.

Through the heart of South Africa – the route

The route is king. For more detail click on days below. We will, as usual, tweak the route for 2024. However the days below give you an accurate idea of the journey.

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