The ‘off-road’ tour of South Africa

13 Sept – 19 Sept 2024

A mountain bike, gravel bike, e bike stage ride through the heart of South Africa


Ride through the heart of South Africa 


Experience the very best of South Africa on a mountain bike, a gravel bike or e bike

The ‘off-road’ tour of South Africa

What is go2berg?

The Old Mutual go2berg is a full-service, 6 and half day mountain bike, and gravel, stage ride through the heart of South Africa. The half day is because we do an afternoon prologue to calibrate bike, body and soul on the day of registration. The stages are challenging but very doable for those who put the effort into their preparation. Our aim is not break you but to rather uplift you with an truly unique adventure.

The Mountain bike route is mix of rural gravel roads, farm roads and loads of single track trails.

The Gravel bike route will be specific for gravel bikes.

The Old Mutual go2berg is about getting away from normal life to experience something that is truly uplifting for the rider and the communities we pass through.

Community inspired

You will need to ride to fully understand the impact this event has on the communities that you will pass through, and just how much of a true escape the Old Mutual go2berg is. To get a taste of what you will be in for, watch this inspiring video below.

Is go2berg a tour, a ride or a race?

It is a combination of all. Our riders feel like they are on an ‘off-road’ tour of South Africa. They are hosted by passionate communities who use the event to raise much needed funds. The food is exceptional and hospitality and community spirit event better.

After a great day on the bike, drinks flow, stories grow, and the vibe is all about connecting with great people from all over South Africa and the world. You will make friends, you may even put on a few kilos (pounds) because of the feast, and you will see some incredible part of this magnificent country on a bicycle where very few have ever been.

It is a challenging ride. You need to be fit and prepared to enjoy and get the most out of the journey.

For some, who love a good dice, it is a race and while everyone gets a time almost all will have a great time.

What sort of bike is best?

For our mountain biking route, we recommend a full suspension marathon style bike – ideally 110mm to 130mm travel. However, many ride on hardtails and longer travel trails bikes too.  We also have a few nutters every year who ride single-speed rigid mountain bikes. The tyres should be fast rolling and must be tubeless with sealant.

For the gravel route only gravel bikes will be allowed. Given the nature of the route our gravel bike category will be tough and challenging physically but extremely rewarding.

We welcome E bikes but not for racing. E bikes are for touring and riding with friends and partners to experience the country together. There will be no E bike racing category and we expect you take more photographs, eat more boerie at water points and generally add to the spirit of the event.

There is a full E bike hiring option for riders who cannot travel with their bikes or those who want to try it out.

Why South Africa? Trevor Noah tells you why!

Why go2berg?

Mountain bike through South Africa – the scenery, the people, the food, and the route all add up to make this a truly great stage ride across the heart of this special country.

  • The route goes through private farms, on rural and back country roads, on cattle tracks, and on breath-taking single track trails
  • Spectacular ending on the foothills of the Drakensberg, a world heritage site
  • Best time of year to do a pre or post ride Safari – the bush is at its best this time of year with animals highly visible and temperatures perfect
  • The historical element – the route goes over Spionkop mountain, where the famous Anglo Boer War battle took place. The Kop at Liverpool football ground (and others) is named after the Battle of Spionkop. You will ride on paths where Voortrekkers descended on rigid ox wagons from the Free State into Kwa-Zulu Natal
  • We have an incredible support crew to ensure your well-being on the route. These professionals provide full safety and medical support from start to finish
  • 6 and a half days without having to think about anything else. A true escape…
  • go2berg is one of the best value long stage rides in the world.

What our riders say....

Hvis du skal køre et mtb løb, er det dette løb her. Intet andet kombinerer som Go2Berg et smukt land, fantastiske trails med rytter sammenhold og en følelse af at komme tæt på alndets befolkning. Go2Berghar været en oplevelse vi aldrig glemmer. Christopher Glimberg Rønne – Denmark

I have to say that the organisation and the extras that we received here were on another level! Chrissy Conyers – Australia

This is not the event for the faint hearted and not to be attempted without some serious training but to my 3 boys I say “ You have got to do this!” Mark Webber – United Kingdom

If the success of joberg2c is anything to go by, expect the 2nd edition of Go2Berg to be race and ride ready in September 2024. Expect tough challenging stages [you must train for this race], exceptional single tracks and endless vista views. Add great hospitality with a dash of Wappo and Farmer Gary the team behind the scenes who run the show and you have a winner. Koos Basson – South Africa

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2023 highlights

Where in South Africa? (the route)

The Map below gives you a fun idea of where you will ride in South Africa. This is a brief overview of the stages. For more detail click on days below.



Where and when?  distances are based on 2023 and may differ slightly after our final route launch

Friday 13 September – Frankfort (the prologue) 

The registration and prologue take place on the sports grounds of  Hoërskool Wilgerivier. Frankfort is a northeastern Free State town approximately 2 hours south of Johannesburg. Registration will be from around 9am to 12pm and the prologue will be at 2pm on the Friday. The dinner on Friday night hosted by the parents and teachers of Wilgies sets the tone for the week ahead.

Saturday 14 September – Frankfort to Reitz (mountain bike 85km, gravel bike 95km)

This is when you truly escape the noise of cities, emails, demands from others, and where you fully appreciate open space. The farms are special, the water points festive and the route is proper farm country. Hoërskool Reitz will host you with proper Free State passion.

Sunday 15 September – Reitz to Clarens (mountain bike 110km, gravel bike 120km)

This is the queen stage!!. This is the day that you train for that you get your head mentally strong for. It is the tough stage but the scenery and route are special. You will be heading towards the Maluti mountains to the special tourist town of Clarens. Your accommodation in Clarens is in guest houses /hotel as part of the entry fee. Your hosts will be Clarens Primary School who are dependent on funding to ensure their school survives.

Monday 16 September – Clarens to Sterkfontein Dam (mountain bike 90km gravel bike 95km)

Mt Paul calls. A farm, gravel, scenic ride takes you towards a truly special mountain climb and descent on Mt Paul that is both breath-taking and fist-pumping . The gravel route circumnavigates this mountain but is just as beautiful. Harriston Primary School will be your hosts.

Tuesday 17 SeptemberSterkfontein Dam to Emseni (Winterton) (mountain bike 90km gravel 95km)

This day is probably the reason we all love riding bikes so much. It has views, trails, mountains, escarpments, bush, giraffes and ice cold beer on the banks of the Tugela river to finish.

Wednesday 18 SeptemberEmseni to Emseni (Mountain Bike 60km (90% single track) Gravel bike 50km time trial)

The Emseni camp is worth spending two nights. It is the home of Berg and Bush (3 day event) and it is a place to relax and truly unwind.

Thursday 19 SeptemberEmseni to Champagne Sports Resort

On the foothills of the majestic Drakensberg, lies a very special hotel called Champagne Sports Resort. This is the end goal. Before we get there, more trails, game farms, and fully operating farms will be traversed. You will end on a high literally. The dinner and after party will add to the vibe and the breakfast a chance to say goodbye to friends you have made for life.

Friday 20th September

You will have many choices:

Go home to family, stay on at Champagne Sports for the long weekend, go on a safari, go to Cape Town for more trail riding and or holiday, visit the garden route, etc. Let us know if you need help pointing you in the right direction.


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