Who are 'we'?

About us

We are people who love riding our bikes

We are passionate organisers who have collective experience in creating experiences that will be remembered forever. For 12 years we lived and breathed joberg2c, and now we have a six and half a day proper South African ride, that should inspire more adventure, more stories and more laughs

Gary Green is the founder of Berg and Bush. He is a dad, a farmer and now a grandfather (one of the fittest grandads in the world). Gary also assists his family in running Oxpecker, a now famous trail run that traverses many of the routes you will ride. Gary was a co-founder and partner in joberg2c. He is much smarter than his partner Wappo at farming and that’s probably where it ends.

Craig ‘Wappo’ Wapnick is an ex pro-squash player, ex advertising man and co-founder and partner of joberg2c. Wappo as he is known, has been riding mountain bikes for over 24 years and is passionate about this sport, pastime, hobby, in all its forms. He is your go to guy who then goes to his wife Kelly to help him help his self.

However there is so much more to ‘we’ than us.

‘We’ is Nicky Green another brain behind the scenes, instrumental in making sure the two men don’t have runaway ideas that cannot be implemented. She too has ridden all over the world and understands what riders want.

‘We’ is Jani, who along with Kelly, makes Wappo look like he knows what he is doing. Jani is the patient one who deals with all the mental patients.

Mostly ‘we’ is the entire community of people who love South Africa, from start to finish who embrace the spirit of go2berg, to make sure you have the ride of your life. Our landowners allow us through their farms because of the community model that uplifts their towns – we have a great relationship with them. Our crew are special and will do everything they can to make your journey great. Our race village folks who want the best for their schools and communities. Our incredible sponsors – who only have your best journey at heart.

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