Racing, riding, mountain bikes, gravel bikes and e-bikes explained

Mountain and gravel and e-bikes welcome. Your choice.

There are those who love to ride and those love being part of a race. Our categories are explained below. Including information on e-bikes and gravel bikes which are more than welcome. We are continually adding new trails and farms to our mountain biking route. However as gravel riding grows we have decided to offer them a special gravel route too.

We know for most the Old Mutual go2berg is a tough rewarding ride but for some it is also an awesome race across South Africa.

Our racing categories from will be solo and mixed open. You can still ride in a big a group but you will be timed as solo rider or mixed category only.

We have teamed up with Berg and Bush Descent to create The Solo Stage Race Series to support pros and aspiring pros. See below. Points will be awarded for every stage in go2berg and in Berg and Bush – in addition to prize money in both events there will overall series prize money from both events. Contact for more information.

Only sections with 10 or more teams or 20 or more solo riders will constitute a racing category e.g if there are only a few female vet rides and female master riders they will just be part of the overall women’s section.

We have introduced a 100% gravel bike friendly route to inspire those who like to ride/race without any suspension. The route will be different to the mountain bike route. It will be fully supported with some extra distance and unique gravel bike challenges.  We will finalise racing categories in the gravel category once we know our numbers.

Only gravel bikes will be allowed on the gravel bike routes and this will be according to Cycling SA rules.

No gravel bikes will be permitted on the mountain bike route.

We are 100% E Bike friendly and we will have an E bike hire offer for international riders. The E bike route will follow the mountain bike route. 

We will not have a racing category for E bikes due to the nature of these bikes and variation of models, battery power etc. E Bikes are perfect if you want to ride with a stronger partner, or just enjoy the route and the people without rushing.

Ebike FAQS

  1. Number of batteries allowed? You can bring as many batteries as you want. There will be a mechanic at water point 1 daily, that will help you transport your battery. Batteries can only be exchanged at water point 1
  2. E-bike mechanic – there is no specific mechanic, they will all be able to assist but all our mechanics are e-bike mechanics too
  3. Battery charging – there will be a charging station daily. Riders need to take responsibility for the charging of their own batteries. Please also discuss with your pre-booked mechanic as they might also be able to help you
  4. C batch start – e-bikes will start in C batch or lower,  but it does not matter where you start it is more important that you have a lekker time
  5. Timed – e-bikes will not be timed but you will be an official finisher
  6. Naturally e-bikes are not allowed to ride up front with normal bikes that are racing.
CategoryMinimum ageMaximum age
Mens solo 19 39
Mens vets solo 40 49
Mens master solo 50 59
Mens grand master solo 60 99
Ladies solo 19 99
Amabokke-bokkie mixed 19 99
Great Company Challenge 19 99

Gravel bike category

100% gravel bike friendly route within go2berg to cater for the growing market of gravel riders who want a challenge.

Beef category

The Beef category is a weight division for South African mountain biking! Riders need to weigh at least 90 kgs in order to qualify. Therefore the minimum weight for a rider is 180 kgs.

Prize money and prizes

All major category winners will be rewarded with prizes.

Prize money for men solo and women solo in both go2berg and Berg and Bush and overall – contact for more info.

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