The route to happiness

The route

 After some great rides which, we call the dry run, we have some good news, the route very very special. In total it will be 530km, which is the perfect step from a 3 day event to your next challenge. Don’t be fooled, it is still requires proper preparation as distance in mountain biking is extremely deceptive.

13 Sept 2024 – Day 0
Frankfort to Frankfort – 22km

After registration at Frankfort, we will have a 22km “prologue” to warm the legs up. A meander down the Wilge river will get rid of all the travel fatigue and get you ready for action. Time to calibrate bikes and body.

14 Sept – Day 1
Frankfort to Reitz – 80km

This is where the adventure begins. You will ride through remote farms and on trails that completely take you away from it all. For those who did joberg2c you will notice that we have a great new route to Reitz. You may not see another moving vehicle the entire day. The water points hosted by passionate farming communities will keep you energised. The open landscapes are breathtaking. Terrain: trails, farm roads, gravel roads.

15 Sept –  Day 2
Reitz to Clarens – 112km

Clarens is set in the foothills of the Maluti Mountains. This will be a tough rewarding day on the bike. It will test the racing snakes and the riders alike. It will also jolt those who have not prepared properly. Make sure you do the miles to earn the smiles. This day will be mostly rural gravel roads, and farm roads however we will have some proper trail surprises along the way.

16 Sept – Day 3
Clarens to Sterkfontein Dam (the Escarpment) – 86km

The route alongside the mountains of the Golden Gate National Park, in the early morning, will warm up the legs and senses, before heading onto rural farm roads and then on to the trails of Mount Paul and on to Sterkfontein Dam. Mount Paul, Sterkfontein Dam, are just some of the big names you will experience on an awesome journey towards the escarpment (where the Free State drops to Kwa-Zulu Natal). This is another proper day in the saddle to ensure that you have earned your drinks at the end of the day.

17 Sept – Day 4
Sterkfontein Dam to Emseni (home of Berg & Bush) – 90km 

This is a truly special day on a mountain bike. The massive drop from the Free State to Kwa-Zulu Natal provides some of the most awesome riding along with places to take spectacular photos (if you are not racing). You will be riding on trails used by Voortrekkers, you will ride past battle sites of the Anglo-Boer war, and you will experience the majestic beauty of South Africa as you work your way to Emseni camp where you will spend two nights. There are trails for Africa on this descent and at the end of day you will just want more……so we will give you more…

18 Sept – Day 5
Emseni to Emseni (Super Single Track Stage) – 66km

66km of proper mountain biking single track trails to inspire all levels of riders. This day combines two of Berg and Bush days (3 day stage ride) into one special stage of single track. You will ride from the camp in the morning and finish hours later with stories and more stories. You will descent off Spionkop mountain and other great trails that have made Berg and Bush famous. The Kop at Liverpool is named after the famous Anglo Boer War Battle of Spionkop. We think this could be one of the most exciting mountain biking stages you will ever ride.

19 Sept – Day 6
Emseni to Champagne Sports Resort – 87km

Normally an ending of something you love doing can be an anti-climax – our ending at the famous Champagne Sports Resort will break this mould but providing a truly magnificent conclusion to your journey. Set in the foothills of the Drakensberg World Heritage mountains, this resort has everything you need to unwind and to even extend your stay. We will ride towards the berg on farm trails and single track trails with views worthy of National Geographic picture spreads. We highly recommend you book into this special resort for a few nights. We will have a chilled celebration on the Friday evening. 

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