Top tips

Useful tips to make your journey that much better

1. Don’t over train

Train smart but ensure you come into the event fresh


2. Check all travel docs

Including visas and double-check passport dates, etc. especially if traveling from abroad


3. Pack wisely

You should not need to bring spares. Our bike shops are well stocked unless you have a special bike. But you can check by calling or emailing one or two shops


4. Don’t forget to bring …

We have a full professional medical service but they are not pharmacists who carry general headache tablets and other tablets for riders. So please bring your own personal extra supply


5. Travel bag

One bag to fit all your belongings. This bag is transported between each race village.


6. Laundry service

We will have a hand-wash laundry facility at Emseni camp on day 4


7.  Pick up point

Mornings at that time of year are very cold and middle of the day is very warm so bring arm warmers etc for early morning – we will have an pick up point at water point 1 each day to drop off your warm clothes


8. Tubeless tyres with sealant

You cannot ride go2berg with tubes. You must have tubeless tyres. Make sure you check your sealant as it dries out after roughly 3 months. Top it up properly before go2berg. If in doubt book you bike in for a pre-service


9. Don’t get left behind

Make sure you have booked all your shuttles if you need a shuttle to the start and from the finish. More information on this will be released in the coming months.


10. Recovery zone bookings

Massage booking, physio booking, bike service package reminder for those who want these services


11. Downloads to make your life easier

From mySos, to Zapper, to our ride guide!


12. Alternative accommodation

If you are not the tent kind of person, or you snore, or just want some extra peace and quiet!


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