Packing list

Don't try pack it all in

Most riders over pack, pack wisely. You have to carry your own bag, so be kind to yourself and pack smart. Just like your bike you can shave weight.

You will need bring your own bag

Riders will be allowed to take one bag on the journey. This bag will need to have space for your sleeping bag and pillow. No attachments to your bag will be allowed as they will get lost or damaged in transit. The maximum size of your bag will be 100cm (L) x 36cm (H) x 39 (W).

The nights and mornings are very cold at this time of year. The temperature heats up during the day to 20 degrees Celsius but your morning temp can be around zero.

Make sure your sleeping bag is properly rated. Minus 8 and below will do. Bring a pillow and a bed sheet for maximum comfort.


Packing list

We have compiled a a detailed packing list. Remember you have to carry your own bag so don’t overfill it. Hopefully this helps to get you organised.

go2berg packing list and checklist

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