3 June - 9 June 2023

6 days through the heart of South Africa

3 June - 9 June 2023

mountain bike south africa

6 days through the heart of South Africa

mountain bike south africa

Did you know? Liverpool Football Club named the kop after this famous battle of Spioenkop?  You will be riding up the same mountain where the English and Boers clashed.

From go2berg to go2berg

go2berg is not just a ride, it’s an adventure, a journey. You will experience the very best of South Africa on a mountain bike. From the open beauty of the Eastern Free State, towards the magnificent Maluti Mountains near Clarens, onto the Battlefields of Spioenkop mountain before ending on the foothills of the Drakensberg World Heritage site.  You will be hosted by the special folks of incredible towns and you will feast on single track and delicious food as you totally unwind from normal life.

go2berg is an evolution of go2berg, a great South African stage ride that took community spirit and the love of riding to the next level. Our main goal is to continue with this spirit in mind to deliver an experience of South Africa you will remember forever.

This is not our first stage ride we have organised, yet we have that same excited feeling when we first started. Something new, something fresh is brewing.

We need to show you why choosing to ride go2berg was a great decision. All you need you to do is commit to us and we promise we will commit to you.

We look forward to taking you on a journey through the heart of South Africa where you will meet incredible people, eat delicious food and ride magnificent trails along the way.

Gary, Wappo and the team

Life is short – Just ride

go2berg is a 600km, 6 and a half day, 110% mountain bike adventure across four provinces of South Africa. It is 99.5% off-road, passing through 120 private farms with tons of single track to stay inspired

Starting 120km south of Johannesburg in the special Eastern Free State town of Frankfort and finishing at the Champagne Sports Resort in the Drakensberg world heritage site, it is a proper rewarding journey that uplifts the soul. For some it will be race for most it be a ride.

If you love riding and you prepare well, it could just be one of the best ways to experience a large part of South Africa and the incredible hospitality of local communities.

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A few good reasons to ride….

See South Africa from a different perspective

You will ride through some of the most spectacular rural lands that South Africa has to offer. It is a journey across the eastern Free State and Kwazulu Natal: two spectacularly beautiful provinces of South Africa, in six and a half glorious days. From the remote farms of the Free State to the spectacular descent down the escarpment and then on to the majestic foothills of the Drakensberg world heritage site, you will experience the very best of this magnificent country.

Ride over mountains, through valleys and along glorious sections of single-track

The route is everything. There are sections of trail on the route which are reason enough to ride. New trails, the inclusion of Clarens (a famous tourist destination) to the highest point on Mt. Paul, descending the escarpment via Great Wall My China to the historic Spioenkop Mountain, to the Drakensberg world heritage site – this ride offers a special array of trails and routes created by mountain bikers for mountain bikers.

Eat, drink and ride

From the moment you embark from Frankfort your every need is taken care of. From tented accommodation and all your meals to hot showers, beers and free Seattle Coffee to name but a few, you only need pedal from village to village. The schools and communities that host you will blow you away with their generous hospitality. If you want more luxury you could hire a camper van or book alternative accommodation a long the way.

A spiritual journey

Riding 600km (450miles) is no ride in the park but it is very achievable and doable. It is mountain bike adventure through the heart of South Africa. Arriving at the finish on the foothills of the Drakensberg will be an almost spiritual journey as you ride over battlefields, through rural South Africa contemplating life and realising how privileged we all are to ride bikes in great place.

Relax and enjoy the hospitality of our communities

After a tough day out in the saddle, each race village provides a calm environment where you can refuel and recover for the next day’s ride. From homemade potjies, tender steaks and malva pudding to infinite variations of rusks, the food perfectly complements the unparalleled hospitality of these locals. The race villages, hosted by local communities alone will ensure that riders keep coming back every year. Ask anyone who has done go2berg!!!

Make a difference in these communities

go2berg puts its communities first. The race has successfully uplifted every community through which it has travelled. Each race village is run by a school which has benefited dramatically before, during and after the race has passed through their area. Each seconding table along the route belongs to a different charitable organisation who benefits from the race in a way that ensures their support every year. Riders can be proud of their contribution to making a difference in the communities they ride through

Meet riders from all over the world

From unintelligible Italians to enthusiastic Canadians to some massive teams of English and crazy Belguims, go2berg has seen a myriad of nations join our riders in discovering the incredible country which the race explores. go2berg will no doubt attract mountain biking lovers from all over the world.

Escape ordinary life!

Riding your bike for six days without a care in the world is something you need to experience. It is 6 days of escape from ordinary life to do the extra-ordinary. You will switch off from screens, machines and noisy human beings.

See more of South Africa (make a holiday of it)

Six days of riding also gives you a chance to do more in South Africa pre or post go2berg and to possibly add a safari, a trip to Cape Town, the garden route excursion on to your stay.

Sign up – treat yourself – love yourself – be kind to yourself


The route is everything

Here is a quick over view of your stages. More detail can be found under route section.

goberg2c  3 June – 9 June 2023

3 June – Day 0.5

Registration, 2okm prologue – Frankfort – Eastern Free State (160km south of Johannesburg, day 1 stop on go2berg)

4 June – Day 1

Frankfort to Reitz 90km – Free State of mind

5 June – Day 2

Reitz to Clarens 110km (Clarens is a special tourist village – you will all be staying proper accommodation as part of your entry fee) – Maluti Magic

6 June – Day 3

Clarens to Sterkfontein Dam 90km – Damn beautiful

7 June – Day 4

Sterkfontein to Emseni camp  90km (home of Berg and Bush) – The Big Drop

8 June – Day 5

Emseni to Emseni – 75km The single track super stage – Best of the bush

9 June – Day 6

Emseni to Champagne Sports Resort – 80km The champagne stage

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